Raging Network Services, Inc.

Open Source Projects

RageNet is entering the aerospace field by providing aerospace software packaging for RedHat / RPM based systems. Check out our current offerings at our Aerospace page.

We run a documentation server, featuring a wide-ranging library of open source documentation: docs.rage.net

Quick Submit

Quick Submit is our automatic search-engine URL submitter. It is a perl CGI which allows you to submit your website to search engines in a matter of minutes. You can use Quick-Submit directly from it's website or download the source.

Linux Directory Services

We host the Linux Directory Services project which brings LDAP nameservices to the Linux operating environment

Linux Wireless Router

What started as a way around an expensive leased-line for our mountain home has turned into the Wireless WAN Project. We provide documentation on the system we've built from scratch using the 'Linux Router' distribution.


In the process of maintaining the Linux LDAP project we've made several improvements to the web-based gnats frontend. We will make these changes available at our WebGnats site.

Tcl Ah

This is a simple TCL/TK extension to implement a variety of authentication hashes for use in scripts. It supports generating crypt (DES), MD5, SHA1, and Base64 hashes.