Raging Network Services, Inc.

Some of our Clients

OnLive, Inc. --- Cloud Gaming Service
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The scale of the deployment for this client would be daunting for most, but our experience in scaling and automation in large deployment environments helped the client pursue an aggressive development schedule without bottle-necking on operational issues. We were responsible for server & network automation projects surrounding the launch of the OnLive 'Cloud Gaming' service. Leveraging our expertise in Ruby on Rails, Puppet, SVN, message queues, and distributed monitoring, we ensured that the unveiling of the service came off flawlessly.

Chip Express Corp --- Semiconductor / FPGA
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Capacity and utilization planning were key concerns with this client, who had demanding CPU and storage requirements for chip design and simulation. RNS addressed resource issues by designing and deploying a resource utilization, sizing, and monitoring system which would help the client plan for future expansion. RNS also deployed a LSF-based grid-computing environment needed for the clients newest chip design. Internal network bottlenecks were also impacting the client.s ability to engineer chip designs. To solve this we modernized the network architecture by deploying a gigabit fiber backbone connecting key servers together and converted the old switch architecture to a Layer-3 switched network.

The ballooning problem of spam and email viruses also was one of the client.s problems. To answer this we deployed email gateways which automatically filtered out unwanted junk email as well as sanitized viruses from email attachments.

8x8 Inc --- VoIP Telephony
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8x8 was rapidly expanding and needed to scale their I.S. resources to match their companies. growth. RNS centralized the management of their network resources by deploying unified directory services. With many of their personnel on the road, secure remote access was a priority. To meet this need RNS deployed a SecurID solution integrated with a Gauntlet Firewall/VPN. Additionally we consolidated an antiquated LAN architecture at the corporate headquarters by installing Cisco Catalyst 6500 series layer-3 switches. Finally we assisted in streamlining their internal help desk function and implemented a trouble-ticket system which lowered response times and ensured help desk requests were no longer lost.

Mediaplex, Inc --- Online Advertising

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Mediaplex originally started as a handful desktop machines at a small co-location facility. The client.s sales force was selling advertising faster than their servers could provide them and they needed a new scalable architecture immediately. RNS first addressed the problem by implementing a load-balanced fault-tolerant network architecture, then proceeded to tune the web servers and applications so that the client got maximum utilization of their computing resources. Additionally RNS automated the web server installation process allowing rapid deployment of new resources. The network sustained in excess of 35 million hits a day. With their success the client prepared to IPO and needed key policies established to meet the underwriter.s requirements. RNS established client.s key I.T. operational policies, speeding and smoothing the pre-IPO audit process.

In our client's words, RageNet...
"has a broad grasp and understanding of various network infrastructure, Internet technologies, multiple operating system environments and is very resourceful in conceiving and implementing IT solutions."

-- Phil Yee, Business Applications Mgr., ChipX, Incorporated