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Maintaining documentation -- It's in the wiki!

One of the important things of maintaining a big network environment - with a small staff - is to keep up to date documentation on configurations, customizations, and instructions for frequently executed tasks. Commonly when I walk into a new company the documentation is terrible? Why? Because there is either no thought to maintaining documentation or the documentation system/procedure in place is too time consuming to use.

If a documentation system us hard to use it wont be used at all. It should take less effort to update a piece of documentation than to send an email. Locating a document should be as easy and should support freeform text searching. Thats why the best documentation setup I’ve worked with is a wiki. It’s easy to create, locate, and change documentation which encourages people to actually document things! You will have current verbose documentation when you need it.

If you do use a wiki to maintain your documentation produce an offline copy of periodically and burn it on cd. Put this CD along with one copy of every vendor supplied CD into a CD wallet and keep it at the datacenter. it will prove invaluable when you have outages.

Heres the wiki engine I’ve used - and liked - in the past. It runs on top of your vanilla LAMP stack. – TikiWiki CMS/Groupware