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Climbing Tips and Tricks

Over the course of a year my wife and I went from our first day at the climbing gym to leading multipitch trad routes in Yosemite. Over the years we’ve dived into several technical/physical sports and doing this over and over gives a good background on how to get up to speed in a new sport as quickly as possible


Nacra Infusion Mk2 for sale

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Using Spacy to build Conversational Interfaces for Alexa

Over the last year I’ve been working on an Alexa Skill to automate some of the devices in my home. Working with the Amazon API’s and dashboard for the provider-side parts of the setup has been good. However there’s an assumptive built into the tools for Alexa and Google Home that the developer will use tools like Dialogflow or the skills console to create the conversational interfaces. The reason for this assumptive is that traditionally creating conversational interfaces is non-trivial


Deploying ML workloads with Azure and Kubernetes

Today we’ll be exploring deploying Machine Learning workloads to a Kubernetes cluster deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The main focus of this is not a deep dive on the ML methods used, but to focus instead on the infrastructure considerations when deploying these types of workloads


Actor Critic with OpenAI Gym

This tutorial was inspired by Outlace’s excelent blog entry on Q-Learning and this is the starting point for my Actor Critic implementation. I highly recommend you read his three tutorials on Reinforcement Learning first


Eject Alarm Clock (Android App)

Attention morning zombies: prepare to give up your snooze addiction. I created an awesome new feature on my latest android app: Eject Alarm Clock. It’s different from every other alarm out there because it actually forces you to get out of bed and go to another room to turn it off. The magic happens with this new indoor positioning code I wrote


Installing Docker on Centos 6

If you haven’t checked out docker yet you definitely should! It hype says it’s going to do to application deployment what intermodal containers did to the cargo transportation industry. That’s a tall order, and we’ll see if it lives up to such a lofty goal. Regardless, it is a technology that could solve a lot of problems for Development and Operations teams and it is worth checking out


Monitoring and Configuration Management to restart services

This is the text of the talk I gave at the LSPE meetup in November 2011.

Using Monitoring & Configuration Management to restart services.

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Good Evening. Tonight I’m going to talk about something that I hope will free up your time from firefighting during the day and help you sleep better at night instead of catching up on your sleep during thesetalks. I’m going to talk about setting up your servers so that they can recover from faults automatically, without your intervention. And once you’ve followed this self- healing recipe you’ll be freed from firefighting your most common system failures


To Alaska: The US Northwest

We headed out on our trip on the first of May. Well, to be real, we spent most of the first swapping things between our storage unit and our RV… The trip begins before the first mile ticks off the odometer.. We spent several weeks planning, and the first of May, first day of our trip, we spent packing at the storage unit, provisioning up at Costco, and rounding out or ‘wine cellar’


Managing your information diet

How many emails do you have waiting for you each morning? 10? 50? 500?

Managing your information diet is going to give you amazing gains in getting productivity back, AND improve the response time to the really important messages you get