The Adventures of Greg DevOps Travel Make Lifehack

Sharpening the saw, html and graphics.

In my off-season (winter) I am usually traveling internationally - mostly places that are sunnier and warmer than the San Francisco bay area. It’s often the perfect time for me to sharpen my various skills , being unconstrained by the usual grand infrastructure projects I do in the summer.

It’s often these times that I bring back up my html/coding/graphics skills. Wifi Bandwidth here in Puerto Vallarta has gotten much more ubiquitous and reliable and so I’ve got connectivity almost as good as back in SF. I’ve been diving back into apps like
Gimp, Aptana, & Inkscape.

I also enjoy catching up on the avant guard of web artistry and seeing what people are creating with html and css. I appreciate simplistic designs and so I really enjoyed the sites on display at the link below:

25 Beautiful, Minimalistic Website Designs - Part 2 | Vandelay Website Design

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