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Project Management Tools.

I’ve been trying to find some project mangement software lately that’s compatable with the Getting Real development methodology. For our new ‘Locomotive’ project I’d love to find a tool where I can set out all the required tasks, and assign an hour value to them to create a timeline for how long each part of the project will take. This should help me decide if parts of the project should be trimmed. It also jives with the “Getting Real” suggestion that tasks be broken into 4-hour chunks.

So I went off into the web (version 2.0) to evaluate several web-based project management systems. The first one I tried was Basecamp, the 37signals offering. I found there’s no time management available in the base product. So I continued on and checked out Zoho Projects . This also was missing the functionality I required. Finally I tried out Devshop. This had really great time mangement tools. I would recommend this one for medium-sized team development projects. The screencasts were very impressive. However it didn’t quite do what I wanted as the smallest unit of time it supported was 1 day. So for now it looks like I’m back to the web 0.0 pen-and-paper method, or perhaps an excel spreadsheet. If you have any project management suggestions please leave them in the comments!