The Adventures of Greg DevOps Travel Make Lifehack

A mid-January update

Cherie and I are still in Maryland, where we’ve had a strange winter so
far. So far we’ve only experienced snow covered roads and icicles
hanging from trees when watching the news in California… But yesterday
we finally got our first snow of the winter.

I’m borrowing wireless Internet access from as best I can figure Amtrak.
With my High-Powered Wifi card and cantenna pointed at the Amtrak rail
bridge I pick up a very nice low latency high bandwidth wireless access

I’ve been taking all the time we’ve been spending inside away from the
cold to catch up on my reading and sharpen some of my skills. To that
end I’ve again picked up my Ruby on Rails ( book and
have released my first public RoR application/website… I’ve been
meaning to produce a website for my Experimental Aircraft club in
Hollister since joining a year ago. With the free time in Maryland I
finally had time to complete it. It’s up at

Cherie and I have also been taking the opportunity while out here to get
into better shape. To that end we’ve been eating much healthier. We’ve
found the book ‘You, the Diet.’ very helpful in that regard. It
basically contains the same fundamental eating tips that I usually
follow on a diet… Mainly avoiding high-glycemic foods (i.e. heavily
processed foods like breads and sugars) and eating several small meals a
day. We’ve also been doing exercise daily; Usually my exercise has been
mostly cardiovascular but this book has taught me that strength training
is also an important part of increasing your metabolism.