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Spaghetti on Snails

I’ve been playing around with Ruby on Rails lately. RoR is a framework for creating clean web applications. RoR has a lot of promise but I’m not yet up to speed enough with Ruby to really knock out apps with it quickly. I keep finding myself reverting to PHP.

My PHP KungFu is strong. However I’ve recently gone back and looked at some of my PHP code after playing with the RoR MVC methodology and realize that PHP is really conducive to really UGLY hackish code. It bugged me to try to work on some of the code I’d written in the past. So as a result I decided to give a swipe at writing a lightweight framework in PHP similar to the RoR stuff. It’s certainly not as complete as RoR, but it gets done what I need done. You can find my new code at The new system is called Spaghetti on Snails. Hope somebody else finds it useful.