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EZ does it.. the adventures of N620CS

I have been working on my single-engine private pilot’s license this summer. I’m fairly close to completing it so I’ve taken another big step . I just bought an airplane. The airplane is a Long-EZ, and am working this next month to finish it and get it flying. It was quite an adventure to get it out from New Jersey to California. It’s the third time I’ve driven from coast to coast, and the third time I saw nothing but highway and service stations in between! One of these days I’m going to ship my car to NJ and take a month off to really see the stuff in the middle.

After arriving in California I talked to Tony & Michelle, and they agreed to let me take over their garage for a month while I finished up the projects that needed to be completed prior to moving to the airport.

Painting over the weekend was a learning experience but ultimately a success! My biggest problem was that the high-build primer sets inside the spray gun very rapidly, and it took me a while to figure out the proper cleaning procedure for the gun to keep it from clogging!

Painting was an ‘afternoon project’ that ended up taking from Friday evening to Monday morning. However the result is that I now have a plane that’s ready to go to the airport in Hollister.