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The upcoming Avvenu beta

I’ve been brought into a great startup and we’ve been doing some amazing things designing and deploying a network for a service that’ll go into public beta very shortly. The company is Avvenu, and you can sign up for the public beta which will be starting very very soon.

The Avvenu service allows you to share your pictures and other media to friends and remotely access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, and all this without having to upload anything. Everything you share stays on your computer, which connects to the Avvenu network over your broadband connection and you and your friends download directly from your home PC.

There’s been several write-ups of the service from PC World, Network Fusion, Jeff Nolan’s blog, and Snoop Dogg

And, BTW, you’re getting a sneak peak of the technology in action. The images in this blog entry are served through the avvenu service!