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You'd lose your job for this.

If I never showed up to work I’m pretty sure I’d be fired. As would any of us. But I suppose it’s different if you work in washington. Glad we are paying folks like John Kerry for doing nothing. He hasn’t been present for all the items of legislation voted on as far back as yahoo has tracked it (NV means no vote). Your tax dollars at waste.

Senator Kerry


Greg Retkowski

411 Walnut St #1716

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043



September 8, 2004


Dear John,


Hello, as a citizen of the US and therefore as your employer, I am afraid 

I have to notify you that we've decided to terminate your employment for 

lack of attendence at work. When we hired you your responsibilities were 

to attend sessions of congress and vote on legislation and you've been 

unable to complete these duties on a regular basis. We are always seeking 

to cut government waste by terminating employees who draw paychecks while 

not performing their duties, which is a category you fall under.


We wish you the best of luck in whatever future endevours you undertake.





Greg Retkowski