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The Caveman Diet

I once weighed 225 pounds; I had a terminal case of hacker-but. But a simple diet I developed helped me lose the weight and now I’m a much more compact

  1. I’ve nicknamed it the ‘caveman diet’, because many of the principals of my diet are drawn from how we’ve evolved.

If you want the juicy stuff, without reading the whole deal I’m about to tell you the secret of my success.. Shhh.. It’s secret!! So I’ll wisper it..

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Eat like caveman

Cavemen didn’t have bagels or pie. Cavemen hunted animals or ate what berries, veggies, and fruits they could gather. Thanks to the advent of farming and grinding of grains the human race has been able to feed many more people with much less effort; but our bodies did not evolve to handle the rapid dumping of these sugars into our bloodstream. As a result we react by releasing chemicals to store it all as fat.
Rule: Lower your consumption of simple carbs, increase protien intake

Walk like cavemen

Cavemen didn’t drive SUV’s. No bones about it, the convienence of modern life has taken a toll on humans. We walk as far as our driveway in the morning, sit at a desk all day long, then walk as far as the parking lot to return home, spend the rest of our evening on the couch in front of ‘survivor’ before passing out to do it all over again.

If a caveman was lounging around not moving, that meant there was no food to hunt or gather; the body needed to lower it’s metabolism in anticipation of famine.

Rule: Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Walk as much as possible

Run like caveman

Cavemen have fast metabolisms, why? Because they need to have rapid access to energy for extended periods of time, for extended hunting or to escape sabertooth tigers! How do they get these fast metabolism’s? By running around, lifting heavy objects, climbing hills; activities us modern humans call aerobic excersise. If you can manage a run or other heart-racing activity in the morning it’ll raise your metabolism all day.

Rule: Do cardiovascular excersize in the morning

Snack like caveman

Sometimes caveman feasts, like when his tribe has killed some wolly mamoth, but often he’s more snacking throughout the day, gathering berries and veggies, or having an occasional squirrel.

Having a few big meals a day, your body will want to store the exccess as fat.

Rule: Favor many small meals/snacks throughout the day to a few large ones

Rule: Have a healthy breakfast that includes protein