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Last ski of the season

With the last of the now melting and the close of the mountain to skiing within days it was time for one last ski trip to close out the season.

Scott, Dustin, and I drove up the night before our mid-week adventure. We spent the evening hanging out at the Big Bear Lake ‘Barn Bowl’. Darts, Beer, greasy food, and bowling. What more could you ask for? We finally made it to our hotel sometime around midnight where we met up with Lisa who’d come up earlier and was doing an afternoon / morning snowboarding outing to make it back in time for work.

Bright an early we crammed in our IHOP breakfast and hit the slopes! Just a few runs were open and conditions were inconsistant, if thats the right word for having in any given moment arbitrary combinations of slush, ice, water, and gravel. Ahh, still the best skiing I’ve ever done!

Dustin and I were a bit more adventurous, this being our second day ever snow skiing. We visited a variety of runs and did a few black-diamond runs.

Can’t wait till next season!