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Power steering line replacement on a Z32

How to replace a power steering line on a Z32 (second generation 300ZX, Twin Turbo model).

If you notice automatic transmission fluid underneath your vehicle then you might have a power steering leak. If you are lucky (like me) it’ll be your power steering hose. If you are unlucky it’ll be the pump itself which I’d have no clue on replacing short of pulling the engine.

Diagnosing the problem could be the biggest challenge. Diagnosis requires a mechanic’s mirror along with a flashlight. The power steering pump on a Z32 is shoehorned between an alternator, engine block, turbocharger piping, and chassis frame. The best way to inspect it is from the underside, after removing the plastic belly-plate. The hose will leak around the fittings where it goes from steel line to rubber.

Once you’ve determined you need to replace the line, you can order it online from Courtesy (Part Number
) for about $200 with shipping.

Replacement procedure
Special tools: 24MM wrench/socket; Drip Pan
Refer to pictures.

Jack up car and secure with jackstands
Remove bellyplate
Remove two 10MM mounting brackets from below.
Remove two ducts from Intercooler.
Unplug electrical connector from P.S. line in region of steering gear.
Unbolt 24MM and 14MM line bolts from steering gear, drain fluid to drip pan.
Remove hose-clamped P.S. line from radiator area(refer to picture)
Unbolt 24MM line bolt from top of power steering pump.
Wiggle line out from PS pump and gear areas; remove old line.
Installation is reverse of removal.

The most difficult part of installation is getting those darn line washers back on. There should be one above and below the line itself; i.e. your assembly should look like: Bolt-head | Washer | PS Line | Washer | Pump/Gear housing.

After re-assembly fill the power steering resivoir with fluid; to bleed turn steering wheel repeatedly from one side to other until PS pump stops whining and fluid level no longer drops.