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All About Me!

Thanks for visiting my little home on the range. I hope you’ll find it informative and entertaining. Feel free to send comments or suggestions to me.

After getting clear of High School I determined if I had to sit in another classroom again I would explode, and so ran off to join the US Army at 17. I was a truck mechanic stationed in Hawaii, but also served in Haiti as a part of ‘Operation Uphold Democracy’. While serving in the Military I did my most rewarding work. Not fixing trucks, but delivering pizzas part-time in the evenings. True joy in work is not so much what you do but who you do it with. The rigid lifestyle of the military was not for me and when my re-enlistment came up I opted for civilian life.

I moved by to Ft Lauderdale, Florida to try going back to school and picked up a part-time job delivering pizzas to support myself. I also explored this new world that started gaining popularity when my enlistment ended in 1995, The Internet… Soon I had surpassed all the knowledge I was gaining in school by exploring the web and learning the operating systems that powered the networks. I got lucky, in that I was offered an entry-level job over IRC at a new ISP forming in Ft Lauderdale, Safari Internet. I was their first employee and both the company and I grew in leaps and bounds over the two years I worked there. However all good things come to an end and I decided that if I wanted to be where the action was I had to move out west.

Since arriving in Silicon Valley four years ago I’ve done a wide variety of projects for various clients through my consulting practice Raging Network Services Inc.. Rage.Net is also a vehicle for my other open source projects.

For the winter of 2001/2 I spent my time sailing my 41-ft sailboat Scirocco (pictured below) through Mexico and Central america, with a side-trip to the French Riviera for a wedding. Most of my travels over the last few years have been with Cherie Sogsti, a travel writer and closest of friends.

So now that you know the past, you want the scoop on the present?

Ohhh, letz see.. Panama, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico.. Another sailing season has come and gone and I am back in California to recharge the bank account, and appreciate how great this country really is. They don’t have Starbucks everywhere you know!