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Introductory LDAP Articles, FAQ's, and Papers

Understanding LDAP of the IBM Redbook series
Critical Angle's LDAP World
An LDAP Roadmap and FAQ
SunWorld, LDAP: The next-generation directory?
LDAP @ University of Michigan
Second CIFS Implementor's workshop(CIFS and LDAP)
A System Administrator's View of LDAP

LDAP Server/Library products

The OpenLDAP Project
PADL: Enterprise Directory Unification
Mozilla Directory SDK

LDAP Standards

RFC 2307 Using LDAP as a Network Information Service
RFC1798 Connectionless LDAP
RFC 1823 The LDAP Application Program Interface

LDAP Security

Jeff Hodges Homepage IETF drafts on TLS/LDAP authentication

Languages and API's

Java Naming and Directory Interface
PerLDAP module

Mail and Messaging

Using LDAP with sendmail.8.[89].x
EXIM, a MTA with LDAP capabilities
Mail Without Addresses Making Directories Work for Mail

User guides and documentation

Netscape Directory Server Administrator's Guide
The SLAPD and SLURPD Administrators Guide
UIUC LDAP server (Notes on setting up addressbooks in mail clients)

Corporate Products & Strategies

Netscape Directory Server
Sun Directory Services 1.0
Microsoft Active Directory Technical Summary (local HTML copy)
Novell Directory Services
HP FoundationWare Directory Services

Benchmarking and Compatability

Netcraft's Directorymark
Basic LDAP Interoperability Test Suite

LDAP Books

Here are a few great LDAP books available from Addison-Wesley
Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services - Timothy Howes
LDAP Directories Explained - Brian Arkills

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